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This is an anthology of my work it now seems, from that beginning watch design 20 years ago and Reebok’s five words which changed my career path … “Can you make it move,” … to my very first complete short animation back in 2001, which it seems was steampunk before it was so named, for which Otis Van Osten, who was head of sound for Warner Bros, added 36 tracks of sound and music at WB …

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to some of the more recent projects like working on a new THRILLER opening for Michael Jackson’s stage show (and then movie) THIS IS IT, and even animating a main character in Sam Raimi’s camp horror flic, DRAG ME TO HELL … the evil handkerchief.

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Right now we have two new projects in the pipeline. A new episodic animated comedy series Poppy’s Fields, about an old people home in England, and Lower Piddle which is being developed for webisodes and a featue.
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Lots going on so, stick with us for more news and enjoy rummaging through the new site. It has been a blast. Come follow us on the next part of our journey.

Keith English

Written by Keith English