Why do wands always look the same. Could be the same reason a lot of movies do. No one wants to take risks … to break new ground. It’s easier to follow the normal expectations.

For Magik we are turning convention on it’s head. Why should a wand be a solid piece of ancient wood? And what if the flashes which came from the wands actually had a mind of their own and after being launched decided on their own angle and direction of attack. Maybe the powerful flashes would even be capable of fighting each other on the way to their chosen target. Sounds like a much more exciting July-4th-type-battle.

We haven’t found the right answers yet but thought we’d share some of the ones which didn’t make the grade. So go look at Magik and you’ll see where we didn’t quite get it right :-/
Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 2.52.12 PM

You can see it all here … http://screamingpixels.com/portfolio/magik-an-extraordinary-action-adventure-animated-feature-2/

Written by Keith English