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So we have begun to work on shots to help build a Kickstarter campaign for our “cheeky” feature film LOWER PIDDLE, with a new character, PUBLICAN BERT (test sample shown below). Plus there are two test shots (Hair and no hair) from a scene in the Public Bar at the FAT COW PUB. Publican Bert is about to suggest they shoot a promotional film for the village as its existence is threatened by a possible British Army takeover. “Make it famous and they won’t be able to touch us” is their thought process. So here, Bert is about to suggest the idea, and that when the shoot the film, he can help because he has a “Bolex” (16 mm film camera) they can use, which itself will lead to some misinterpretation and concern when he offers to get his “Bolex” out in the Public Bar and show them

But first he starts by offering them a pint of his best Golden “P” Beer …

Written by Keith English